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One of my most recent shoots was for my brother-in-law, who was looking for outdoor shots of he and his business partners for their newly founded company , Green Gazelle Marketing  ( for a magazine feature. Being an early-morning shoot, I packed my Nikon DSLR camera and “Holy Trinity” of lenses. Traditionally speaking these lenses (Nikon 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200) are very versatile.

Green Gazelle Marketing – Florida Golf Central Magazine

Some overlooked aspects of shooting outdoors can be…
the time of day (whether it is during the golden hours for photography).
whether the location is busy or free of distractions.
highlights / shadows.
when to use light modifiers.
checking the forecast ahead of time (especially Orlando photography during the summer).

We were able to shoot at Winter Pines Golf Club in Winter Park,  on the back 9 before early-morning players had arrived at the last few holes. Greg had designed the shot, where he and Nick Zazulia would be perched on the back of a golf cart, while Shakirra Meghjee would have focus in front of them.

We had a good-looking background, though the roof of a neighboring house interrupted the course’s foliage. This was a relatively easy fix in Photoshop 6, where I simply altered the image to allow the viewer’s eye to focus on the photographed subject instead.

Since there was still opportunity for taking advantage of the scenery, we decided to take some head shots for other use, near a Spanish moss-laden tree (one of the best nature backgrounds for photography in Orlando) on the front 9. For these captures I switched the lens to more of a standard portrait lens and pulled out my trusty Nikon 70-200 VRII 2.8, which I prefer for tighter portrait shots because of its ability to isolate the subject from the background. This in the photography world is referred to as bokeh.

Greg Golden – Nick Zazulia – Shakirra Meghjee

It was a good morning of shooting with Green Gazelle, and I’d recommend that you check out some of the fruits of our product at

Sometimes it just takes the right tools and knowledge of the fundamentals. Check back for more on my Orlando photography shoots and how they’re done!

-DJ Jazzy Jay

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