Hello and Welcome!

Adcock-Studios is a team of talented individuals each with 10-15 years experience in the professional world of Digital Media Arts. Our team members hold degrees from one of the largest and well respected creative schools in the world. What is this school you may ask? This institution is Full Sail located in Winter Park, FL (www.fullsail.com).  Education is only part of our vast background.  Our professional production background ranges from working with top fortune 500 companies to your next door neighbor. Every client has different needs and expectations. Professionalism and kindness are always number one. For without these components a quality outcome simply won’t exist.

In a competitive market place we understand you as the client always have choices. We are very sensitive to budget and time restraints. We will not play games nor make promises than can’t be delivered upon.

This is part of the reason why we house all of our own equipment for productions. Yes, this is a large investment on our part. However, we find in the long run this not only keeps rental costs down but also allows us to utilize and benefit from knowing each tool intimately. After all what sense does it make to have a chainsaw if you’re just trimming the hedges.